Monitoring & Maintenance of DAS Systems

Once the building’s new DAS system is operational, it is critical to have a system monitoring and maintenance plan in place. This will ensure that your service is operating optimally and is uninterrupted. As we have shown, In-Building DAS may be an imperative for some businesses. Compliance with regulatory requirements may also be a driver for installing DAS solution. NTSI experts can help you design and install the right Commercial DAS solution for your business.

NTSI Monitoring & Maintenance Services

NTSI offers a range of Monitoring & Maintenance Services, including options for time and materials maintenance to full turnkey annual preventive maintenance. Services cover around-the-clock monitoring, initial alarm diagnosis, emergency dispatch and repair, firmware upgrades, software-defined reporting, alarm trending analysis, and ongoing recurring progress reports. Custom offerings can also be developed to meet a customer’s or venue’s specific needs, including multiple carrier participants of neutral host systems.

We also understand that there are a lot of DAS deployed by owners over the last 10 years that may have some challenges that need to be addressed. NTSI works with all major equipment manufacturers and Wireless Carriers and can get your system functioning properly. The process of stabilizing your asset is critical to effectively monitoring and maintaining your DAS. NTSI will inspect all existing infrastructure, determine the viability for the short and long term, provide a roadmap to long term value, and complete all steps necessary to execute the plan. When the systems are functioning properly, NTSI will provide the highest level of service available in the industry with leading software that is accepted by all Carriers. We will software define our reporting metrics for all of the stakeholders to ensure that all SLAs are met.

DAS Monitoring System

A DAS monitoring system continuously monitors the performance of a DAS network, unlike traditional antenna monitoring systems that only monitor individual antennas. It consists of sensors, software, and monitoring tools that detect issues and optimize the DAS for optimal performance. Using a DAS monitoring system can reduce downtime, improve performance, and save costs.

Protect your substantial DAS investment and ensure optimal system performance with routine maintenance and troubleshooting support. Maintenance services are customized to suit the needs of your unique system.