Our Complete Turnkey Solutions

At NTSI Wireless Solutions, our team boasts decades of experience, offering a complete turnkey solution for installing Cellular Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) in your building. From testing and design to permitting and installation, we are committed to optimizing your information and technology infrastructure, empowering you with powerful wireless connectivity to enhance performance and drive revenue. Whether you're initiating a new project or upgrading an existing facility, we're here to bring cutting-edge wireless solutions to your doorstep. Our mission is to power the possibilities of a more connected future, and we're ready to turn those possibilities into reality for you.

Construction Consulting:

Our experienced engineers are adept at rendering pre-construction predictive models, providing insights into radio frequency (RF) coverage loss as construction progresses. The DAS team specializes in designing comprehensive structure schematics for unique infrastructural challenges, ensuring the selection of adequate infrastructure and overcoming operational roadblocks. With an ongoing relationship with Authorities Having Jurisdictions (AHJs) and fire marshals in every city, we stay up-to-date with trends, changes, and ongoing developments, allowing us to design and maintain quality-oriented solutions.

Benchmark RF Grid Testing:

NTSI's DAS Systems conducts benchmark radio frequency (RF) grid tests in accordance with Fire Code Section 510. We meticulously test benchmark data of all frequencies per local and county requirements, identifying any RF coverage deficiencies throughout the building for first responders (Fire, Police, EMT). In cases of insufficient coverage, we design, permit, and install an Emergency Responder Radio Communication System (ERRCS).

ERRCS Design and Permitting:

Understanding the varied requirements and priorities of each project, our team delivers ERRCS designs tailored to address all needs. Our FCC Licensed Level 3 iBwave Certified RF Designers provide bespoke solutions aligning with building code requirements. Once the solution is designed, engineered, and city-approved, our expert FCC-licensed RF technicians seamlessly perform integration and installation.

Recertification and Maintenance:

Annual testing and recertification are federally and locally mandated requirements per building codes for ERRCS. Our commitment extends beyond installation, offering long-term coverage and maintenance plans to keep your system up to code and ensure the safety of your building.

RF Engineering:

Our DAS Systems engineers utilize cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to deliver any ERRCS design your organization may require. Leading up to any pre-planned project, our team excels in value engineering, considering all challenges and end goals.

Remote Monitoring and Optimization:

We deploy a leading remote monitoring solution, providing your organization with enhanced visibility and total control over the network while reducing resource deployment costs.

ERRCS Installation:

Pride in workmanship sets our finished product apart. Our ERRCS installations are aesthetically matched with your building, maintaining supreme Delivered Audio Quality (DAQ) that first responders appreciate in emergencies.